Guide to outdoor trekking things you need to have

Guide to outdoor trekking things you need to have

Outdoor trekking is one of the most wonderful sports loved by a lot of people worldwide. People belonging to different parts of the world go for trekking. Trekking requires a lot of hard work and effort. But before you start trekking, you should have the complete list of things require in trekking.

In order to help you, here we will provide the list of the most essential things which are required in trekking. By doing trekking, you will be able to explore new and wonderful places.

Without any further discussion, here is the list of things essential for outdoor trekking

Guide to outdoor trekking things you need to have

1. Backpack or Daypack

You will be carrying all the things with you while going upside and downside of a mountain. Please select a bag which is fit and comfortable. Your primary goal should be to carry a bag which can store things such as rain gear, sunscreen, water, jacket, food, etc. Also, it should not be too heavy that which puts you down.

The size of the bag depends mainly on how many days you are going to trek. Please remember to carry a rain cover to protect your bag.

2. Headlamps, Lanterns, and Flashlights

During the night, there will be no light in the woods, hence you will require something which can help you to see at night. A simple and reliable flashlight will work wonders for you. If you want to visit any place at night, you can also carry a headlamp. A headlamp or lantern will be very much useful if you’re going to set up a tent at night.

3. Water Filtration Systems and/or Treatment tablets

If you are going camping, then you will require a lot of water. Here, if you have a car, you can bring an ample amount of water. Also, some of the campsites possess enough amount of water. But if you are backpacking, then you will require a water filtration system. Apart from this, you can also carry aqua treatment tablets.

4. Trekking shoes or boots

Based on the trek, you will require trekking boots or shoes. At most of the places, sneakers will be fine. However, if you are going on a trek which has rough terrain, then you should opt for trekking shoes. Trekking shoes will provide more comfortable as they will provide support, padding, and stability for your ankles. Select the boots as per your requirement.

5. GPS and Navigation

For GPS and Navigation, you should give first preference to paper maps. Apart from this, you can also have a compass, GPS device, Altimeter watch, and PLB satellite manager.

Paper Maps: You should not depend on a GPS device, even if you have one. You should learn how to use a map. You can quickly collect a map from a ranger station at any entrance or can get it from the internet and make a print of it.

Compass: A compass is also a valuable tool which helps to move ahead in a correct direction if you have lost at some place.

GPS device: Using a GPS device, you can find an accurate location on the digital map. For this, you can install the GPS app on your smartphone.

6. First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit is very much essential during camping. The kit should consist of regular aspirins, bandages, and gauzes. Apart from this, it should also have moleskin for blisters, bug sprays, and aloe vera to protect from burns. There are a wide number of readymade first aid kits available in the market.  You can purchase any of them. Later, you can modify the kit as per your needs.

7. Camera bag

If you are going to carry a separate camera, then you should have a camera bag to protect all the camera accessories. For DSLR camera, you will have to carry lens and other things, which you can keep it in a camera bag. One better option is to carry GoPro Cameras. For this, there is no need for any extra bag. Using GoPro Cameras, you will be able to capture all of your moments easily. For more information, you can refer these Best Handpicked GoPro Cameras.

8. Tents, Tarps, Poles, Tie Downs, and Stakes

There are a wide number of tents available in the market. However, you should go for a tent in which you can put all of your valuables. Several ultraviolet tents are best to protect you from backpacking, while there are a lot of luxurious tents available which you can tie beside the car. To set up a tent, you will require poles, tie downs, and stakes. Apart from this, you can also carry tarps to fill water.

9. Knife

A Knife will be very much useful for food preparation, first aid, cut rope, remove splinters, open cans, repair busted gear, etc.

10. Extra food and water

It is always the best idea to carry food of one day extra. For this, you can carry food which doesn’t require cooking and last for a long time. Apart from this, on rough terrain, you will become hungry now and then. For this, you can always carry extra energy bars, nuts, dried fruits, etc.

It is always a better idea to bring more water if you are trekking for more days. If you are unable to carry more water, then you can still take a water filtration system with you. You should bring water based on weather conditions.

11. Sleeping Bags and Sleeping Pads

Depending on weather conditions, you will also require sleeping bags and sleeping pads. Sleeping bags are available in various sizes and can handle different temperatures, hence do proper research and select a suitable sleeping bag for you. Apart from this, most of the people also need a sleeping pad to feel more comfortable.

12. Emergency Shelter

It is always best practice to carry emergency shelter which protects you from wind or rain, by chance you get injured on a trail. Some of these shelters include a lightweight tarp, bivy sack, an emergency space blanket, and also a large plastic bag. Here, you can carry emergency items as per your requirement.


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